Sirello Level 6 Half-Elf Revenant Pursuit Avenger

AC: 24 Fort: 16 Reflex: 20 Will: 21 HP: 52 Surges: 6 Surge Value: 13

TRAINED SKILLS Stealth +12, Thievery +12, Perception +13, Arcana +9




Sirello has always had a passion for investigation of the arcane, and spent much of his early life pretending to be a great researcher. He grew up in a loving household with an elven mother and human father, although he left early on in life to attend an arcane university. It was in his studies here that he met Vivaldo, whose work on magical manipulation of energy caught Sirello’s interest. Through a combination of persistence and skill, he convinced Vivaldo, normally reclusive, to take him as an apprentice.

Sirello continued as an apprentice here for several years, and grew as a researcher, to the point where much of his work was independant of his master. Sirello focused on Radiant energy, and his experiments had started to yield interesting, though often frustratingly unrepeatable, results. The research revolved around the manipulation of Radiant energy into malleable objects. Promising though this was, Sirello was largely unable to adequately conjour or control this manifestation of energy, despite brief sparks of progress. His deep involvement in this study was encouraged by Vivaldo, who was himself largely distracted by his research. Sirello knew the basics of his masters work into the effects of intense energy on living creatures.

Sirello started to suspect something significant was happening after his master, usually reclusive anyway, all but disappeared into his work for almost a month straight. Sirello’s mental note to check what was up was perpetually delayed however by a recent spurt of progress in his own work, allowing the conjuration of much more energy than before, almost enough to form a solid object, although still in a wildly uncontrollable form. Before he had a chance to overcome this daunting problem, or discover the cause of his masters activities, disaster struck.

It happened late one night, when Sirello was distracted by his studies. His knowledge of what actually occured next is limited. Sirello turned at the sound of a door breaking down in his lab to discover 3 cloaked individuals who fired a crossbow bolt at him, which struck through the chest. Barely conscious, he saw the men continue into his masters lab, and heard shouting before there was a catastophic explosion and everything faded to black.

Sirello awoke after an unknown period of time, the left half of his body feeling like it was on fire, to a grim looking face above him. The mysterious figure, who introduced himself as Manx, explained that he had awoken to wreakage with no memories of his past life, and had stumbled upon Sirello, badly burned and bleeding, but somehow still alive, and had carried him clear of the debris. As Sirello explored his injuries, it was abundantly clear that medically, he should be dead. Most of his left side was badly burned, and the hole where the bolt had been removed was distressingly large. This theory was confirmed upon searching for a pulse, and making the somewhat awkward discovery that the heart was beating at about 15 beats per minute.

His confusion mounted when, as he touched the wound in his chest, a small black spark leapt across the gap between his finger and the wound, almost imperceptibly repairing the tissue. Sirello and Manx then headed back to the still smouldering remains of the lab, and it was here, when he tried to summon the radiant energy pattern he had used to unlock the inner chambers, that he discovered that it would not come, and in it’s place, there was a surge of darker, black energy in it’s place. The rush was almost intoxicating initially, although the proceeding experimentation caused a growing sense of unease to grow within him. It appeared that although the mental block which had been inhibiting his previous work had been removed, and then some, the radiant energy to which he was accustomed had been replaced with an unknown dark, necrotic power. It was clear that he was able to conjour and manipulate previously unthought of amounts of energy, with a natural affinity which greatly disturbed him. It seemed to have fused itself into his very being, embuing him with strength and power.

This unease was set aside however, when he stumbled upon the charred remains of his master. Sirello was clearly distraught, and after a moments reflection, silently promised vengeance for his fallen friend. The last search of the wreakage yielded his masters diary, which Sirello pocketed, before joining up with Manx and leaving.

It has been just under a month since the explosion, and he and Manx are running low on food and supplies. Manx suggests mercanary work as a means of covering their way while they explore the mystery behind Vivaldo’s work, revealed through the diary to be concerned with a magical sword of great power, and track down those responsible for his murder.—


Sirello’s scarred visage reveals that he was in the past, quite attractive. This is hidden however beneath an unsightly burn which covers most of the left side of his body. He is quite lean, although his brief time outside the lab has hardened his body, and it is well toned, if not muscular. Standing a shade over six foot, his once blonde hair now has streaks of stubborn white, falling just past the shoulders. He has cast aside his white scientists attire, and now wears loose cloth clothing of deepest purple. Close examination would reveal the constant presence of a book on his hip, and the occasional flicker of black energy between his fingers.


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